Hong's Gayo Server - Closed

From January 3rd, 1996 till May 19th, 2001

[2004-04-16] BTW, I still do buy Korean CDs and write my thoughts on them. Those can be found at the archive of my "Music" blogs.

Well, I've finally decided to close the gayo site. I haven't been updating the site and I don't have time or energy to do that either. I think it'll be better this way than to leave it unattended.

It has been quite long and interesting five years, which started as my fatuation with a group of fabulous Korean singers, my love for rock and "good" Korean music, and my fascination with multimedia compression and network delivery technologies.

Thanks to everyone who's visited the site. I hope you enjoyed it while it had a decent service and regular updates.

Here are some useful sites on the subject of Gayo, the Korean pop music:

Signing off.

Younghong "Hong" Cho
May 19th, 2001