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After I got back from my trip to Japan, I realized how limited my knowledge of photography is and how inadaquate the digital camera (Kodak 210+) I had was.

I wanted to learn to take better pictures. Frankly speaking, until then, I really had no interest in the photography. I think it was partly because of the complexity and cumbersome-ness of film development processes. I hadn't changed my mind about it. I started looking for "affordable" digital alternatives.

One very useful site on the subject was Digital Photography Review mainted by Phil Askey. This is an excellent site with reviews and forums on everything about digital photography. This site helped me compare various products and provided me with enough information to know what I was getting into.

However, the true inspiration came from Canon G1 Photo Gallery by Pekka Saarinen. He showed me that it's totally the photographer that the great pictures rely on, not the equipment. Although, he has recently moved on to Canon EOS-D30, his Canon PowerShot G1 photographs are something of a marvel.

Although I don't believe I will easily get Pekka's eyes, I hope that I can enjoy taking slices out of time-space continuum and that some would be able to inspire others someday.


[circa 2015] The PBase photo hosting is no more.

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