Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Get Information?

There are some useful sites on general digital photography and Canon PowerShot G1.

What Do You Have?

I have Canon PowerShot G1, a generic lens adapter for G1 to 52-mm, Crystal UV and circular polarizer (CPL) filters. Since I don't use the internal flash anymore, I have the adapter with the UV filter permanently attached to my G1. It gives me a better grip for my left hand.

I have a couple of 128MB CompactFlash memory cards for storage. I initially tried a 340 MB microdrive, but the start-up time and occasional soft CF errors (turning the power off and on again works) made me change my mind.

I also have an external flash, Canon Speedlite 420EX, and a diffuser, Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce for 420EX. I have a Canon tabletop tripod and recently bought a Slik U 8000.

How Do You Prepare Your Pictures?

Since I am quite new to this, for now, I've followed Pekka Saarinen's methods.
  1. Take a good picture (or at least try to) in Canon's RAW (losslessly encoded) format.
  2. Convert RAW to TIFF. Usually use a default setting, but occasionally I would adjust contrast or adjust the white balance.
  3. Reduce the image size to 640x480 (for a space reason). Usually apply sharpening in Photoshop after the size reduction. Save the image as a level 9 JPEG image.
  4. Create a thumbnail by reducing the size further to 100x75 and applying a sharpening filter. Save it as a level 5 JPEG image.

Why RAW?

If I am reducing the image to 640x480, why do I take the picture in the RAW mode? Because I think of it as a negative. I want to keep it in RAW, so that I can later change the size or other attributes as I need.

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