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Hello, and welcome to the unofficial home page of my favorite gayo singers, "NatSeonSaRamDeul".

From what little I know, they were formed by alumni of University of Incheon, who were in a college singing group, Folkline.

When I first heard them, I thought I was listening to The Manhattan Transfer. Their music is... funk/pop/rock-fusion, I should say. Some might say that it's "jazz". Maybe in very broad sense, but I wouldn't agree. It's hard (for me) to define their music, but it's definitely a "fun", dance-able music.

Currently there are five members (2 females and 3 males), and they have release two albums so far, the first in 1993 and the second in 1996. They are doing concerts and participate in other musicians albums.

Any comments or information on the group are welcomed.

- Hong (hongchoatsoridotorg).


They don't have detailed information on their CD sleeves, so a lot of what's written down here is based on my conjectures.

  • Baek MyeongSeok
  • Cha EunJu
    • Born in 1977.
    • 1993: Grand Prize at EBS CheongSoNyeon ChangJak GaYoJe.
    • 1994: Gold Prize at Anam Delta GaYoJe.
    • 1996: Participated in the second album.
    • 1998: The first solo album, "The First Breath".
    • 2003: The second solo album, "Cha eunju".
  • Heo EunYeong
  • Go ChanYong
  • Lee Sora
    • Born in 1969.
    • Member of Folkline at University of Incheon.
    • 1993: Participated in the first album.
    • 1995: Left to pursue a solo career.
    • 1995: The first solo album, "Lee Sora vol.1".
    • 1996: The second solo album, "YeongHwaESeoCheoReom".
    • 1998: The third solo album, "SeulPeumGwa BunNoE GwanHan".
    • 2000: The foruth solo album, "Ggot".
    • 2002: The fifth solo album, "Sora's Diary".
    • Etc. 1: By no means, I can call her voice "clear," but her voice definitely has a character. You should've seen her sing "On the Stage" at a concert.
  • Shin Jin
Disclaimer: I've romanized their names in my own way.





It is from their concert poster. From the left: MyeongSeok, EunYeong, Jin, Sora, ChanYong.

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